Are there any jobs available at Faces and Food 

There are currently no positions available


I’m a photographer can I submit my work to the book for consideration? 

At Faces and Food we have a core photographer Josie Withers, however, if you would like to submit your professional work for consideration please contact us at


Does the online store ship internationally?

Yes, the online store ships internationally - please continue shopping


Do you offer internships or work experience at Faces and Food? 

At the moment we have opportunities for work experience on an ad hoc basis. Please email with your resume, cover letter and dates of availability and we will let you know if we have a spare opening


Does Faces and Food have a TV series? 

Not yet, but we hope one day! If you are from a TV network and would like to see us go to air, please get in touch via – we would love to hear from you


I have a question about my order, who do I contact? 

If you’d like to enquire about your order, please contact our warehouse directly by calling +61 401 956 546 or email